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Since 2017, Wexcon has delivered critical infrastructure upgrades across NSW, QLD, and ACT that enhance connectivity, mitigate risk, and drive sustainable progress. As specialists in formwork, reinforcing and concrete placement (FRP) solutions, we bring precision craftsmanship and integrated construction capabilities to every complex project.

Review our track record of excellence across rail, road, transit, electrical and civil infrastructure enhancements.

Westconnex – Rozelle Interchange

Wexcon built complex bridges enabling connectivity through Sydney’s vital Westconnex Rozelle Interchange integration hub.

Project value: $5.65M

Moorebank Intermodal Upgrade

Wexcon supplied and installed formwork, reo, concrete, and more for critical rail upgrades including electrical structures and level crossings.

Project value: $3.2M

Belconnen Trunk Sewer Augmentation Project (TSAP)

Wexcon constructed two major pipe creek crossing bridges followed by construction of numerous sewer Odour Control Units (OCUs).

Project value: $1.2M

Mona Vale Road Upgrade – Stage 2

Wexcon constructed stormwater structures, paving and a 33m fauna bridge over Mona Vale Road to provide native fauna safe road passage.

Project value: $800K

Prospect Highway Upgrade

Construction of a Pedestrian Underpass Bridge, PCP road pavements, ACO drains, stormwater infrastructure and kerb works.

Project value: $900K

Carmichael Rail Network (CRN)

Wexcon constructed three multi-span rail waterway bridges and three multi cell insitu box culvert crossings in remote conditions during the QLD wet season.

Project value: $5.2M

Bruce Highway Upgrade

Wexcon facilitated efficient builds of 19 new Bruce Highway drainage culverts to curb flooding risks and bolster weather-resilient traffic flow.

Project value: $1.5M

Nowra Bridge Project

Wexcon constructed a 107m retaining wall on the Princes Highway, showcasing our expertise in completing projects along critical road infrastructure.

Project value: $800K

Sydney Metro City & Southwest – Line-wide Works

Adhering to safety protocols, Wexcon built the Canterbury Substation near active rail, showing expertise in vital infrastructure.

Project value: $700K

Heathcote Road Bridge Widening – Linden St Section

Wexcon demonstrated concrete expertise delivering kerbing, paving and stormwater infrastructure upgrades for the bridge widening.

Project value: $285K

Australia’s Future.

Let’s connect to discuss how we can add immense value to your next project.

Australia’s Future.

Let’s connect to discuss how we can add immense value to your next project.